Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jeff Wilson Performing at World Equestrian Games

Local Horse Trainer Invited to World Stage
Jeff Wilson of Black Willow Morgans in Delhi, NY has been invited to showcase his Morgan horses at the 2010 World Equestrian Games this September in Kentucky.
Hosting Open House This Saturday

The World Equestrian Games, which are the world championships for seven horse disciplines, have never been held in America before this year and are being held in Lexington, Kentucky this September. Over 60 countries and 750,000 people are expected to converge on Kentucky for this sixteen day horse event.

With the Morgan being America's first breed, and the honor of America hosting the World Equestrian Games, The American Morgan Association recognized they had the opportunity to present the Morgan to the world in a powerful way. Jeff was hand picked as a member of a special team that was assembled for this important presentation.

Jeff Wilson from Black Willow Morgans Training and Breeding Facility in Delhi, NY, was born and raised in Delhi where he still lives with his family. “This area has been so perfect for me as a horseman to focus on my horses in an amazing setting,” Jeff said. His unique line of Morgans has its heritage in the Catskill Mountains. Black Willow Morgans will be having an open house this Saturday from 10:00am - 3:00pm. “We are going to showcase our horses and hold some educational seminars,” Jeff said. “I'm going to be demonstrating some parts of my World Equestrian Games presentation, so come on out, grab some lunch and see what we are about.”
Jeff has dedicated his time to preserving the beauty and character of the Morgan in his line of horses. His passion has been to showcase the Morgan for what the breed has to offer. He has worked with his horses in high end trick and performance training for the purpose of showcasing the Morgan. “I look at the World Equestrian Games as such an amazing opportunity to introduce not only the Morgan, but this line of Morgans from right here in the Catskills, to the world,” Jeff said.

For each of the sixteen days, Jeff's performance will feature his Morgans with high end movements, called haute ecole, from the classic dressage world as well as much of Jeff's trick training. “One of the tricks I will be bringing to Kentucky is my horse saluting from a two-tiered pedestal while waving an American Flag from its mouth. That’s going to be really unique,” Jeff said.

Jeff expressed that community support is going to be vital as getting ready for the games will be their biggest task yet. “We will need to raise sponsorships for our facility and programs as we have in the past. This community has been a great support over the years.” Jeff said.

You can follow the progress on Black Willow Morgans blog or Facebook under “The Road to Kentucky” both of which are linked from their website: The Games will be broadcast on NBC Sports, which has marked the largest commitment to network coverage of equestrian sport in U.S. television history.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jeff Wilson, Allen Pogue, Matt McLaughlin & Kenny Harlow - 4 Amazing Clinicians Helping the Community at BWM's!

clinic banner

Jeff Wilson's Clinics

Find Success

   Break the barrier that you've struggled with and 
come to one of Jeff Wilson's clinics. Jeff believes that
success between horse and human is proper 
communication. After almost 30 years of success with 
helping people and horses come together, he is doing
a series of clinics.

Clinic 1: Level 1 Horsemanship
Thursday, May 6th - Saturday, May 8th

Clinic 2: Level 1 Horsemanship
Thursday, May 27th - Saturday, May 29th

Clinic 3: Level 1 Horsemanship
Thursday, June 24th - Saturday, June 26th

Clinic 4: Level 2 Horsemanship
Thursday, July 29th - Saturday, July 31st

Clinic 5: Level 2 Horsemanship
Thursday, August 12th - Saturday, August 14th

Visit our website for more details.

Kenny Harlow Clinic

Training with Trust

   Kenny Harlow, featured on Hard Copy and NBC's 
Weekend Today Show, the horse whisperer from 
Virginia is returning for his annual clinic. Taming the 
once uncontrollable, Kenny Harlow's foundation is
training with trust.

Friday, June 11th - Wednesday, June 16th

Clinic Spots Still Available, to Audit $35

Visit our website or Kenny Harlow's.

Allen Pogue Clinic

Become a Trick Trainer


   Featured in Trail Blazer Magazine, The Voice, 
and on Animal Planet, this top level horse trainer 
who takes the gentle, soft approach training
techniques brings tricks to all horses and all people.
A fellow trick trainer with Jeff Wilson, Allen Pogue is 
coming to your back door with a bag of tricks and
treats to get you and your horse to show off in front 
of your friends!   
Friday, April 23rd - Saturday, April 24th
Clinic Spots Still Available, to Audit $20
Visit our website or Allen Pogue's.

Matt McLaughlin Clinic

Get Confident in Dressage

   Trainer, entertainer, and equine production director... 
Matt McLaughlin's whole focus is dancing horses. 
World renowned and well respected, his focus is getting 
horses to be as passionate about dressage as he is.
    Don't miss this opportunity to have a top dressage

trainer bring you to the next level in your own backyard!     
     All disciplines welcome.

Friday, April 30th - Sunday, May 2nd

Clinic Spots Still Available, to Audit $20

Visit our website or Matt McLaughlin's.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Local Talent Going to 2010 World Equestrian Games ... Black Willow Morgans Personally Invited to Perform

    The most thrilling of all horse sport is coming to the United States for the first time. The World Equestrian Games, an event that is an Equine Olympics, is being held this September in Kentucky. It will be a buzz of the elite and the top horse enthusiasts from all over the world.
    This event would not be complete without the Morgan horse, America's first breed, to be at the first American hosting of the World Equestrian Games. The American Morgan Horse Association will be there with every day demonstrations in celebration of the Morgan breed. A team of some of the top Morgan breeders and trainers have been invited to showcase America's first breed in front of the world this September 25th through October 10th in Kentucky.
    Among this stellar group of people is local horse trainer and breeder Jeff Wilson. Wilson, who was personally invited to be a part of showcasing the Morgan breed, will be taking his two Morgan stallions to do Baroque, which is a form of dressage and artistic style that has been a passion of the Spanish Riding School in Austria.
    This is sure to be an amazing event with stunning performances, and the Morgan breed will be spotlighted on the stage of the world. On the road ahead there will be a lot of training and excitement at Black willow Morgans, and they plan to have updates and videos concerning the World Equestrian Games on their blog.
    Be sure to stay in touch with what Jeff's doing at and, as this is the chance of a lifetime for one of our own local talent. This is history in the making.

Monday, January 25, 2010

BWM's Featured in AMHA Magazine!

This January, Black Willow Morgans was featured in the Official Morgan Horse Magazine! Jeff Wilson, in an article about how he celebrates America's 1st breed, has a three page spread. The Morgan Horse Magazine has Jeff talk about his passion and his training techniques and how he uses his love of the Morgan in trick training.
Visit for more details!