Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving...That Time of Year

When the end of November rolls around, it just makes you feel warm and cozy. It truly is that time of year when we reflect on the last year, reveling in the good and learning from the bad, and giving thanks for both.
We have so much to be thankful for this year. Four beautiful healthy foals, four beautiful broodmares happy to rejoin their herd after a summer of close mothering, the remembering of our wonderful border collie Tess who passed away in August, new friends acquired, new places we've gone, and the view of next year is wonderful.
Thanks so much Everyone, for helping us make a great year.
Let's give thanks. Drop a line to let us know what you're thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Italian Glamour Features Black Willow Morgans

Jeff Wilson, owner and trainer at Black Willow Morgans Training and Breeding Facility in Delhi, N.Y., received a call in May from Italian Glamour Magazine inquiring about his horses. They were planning to do a shoot somewhere in the region and they were looking for some horses to be a part. They were a little reluctant as to what kind of horses they would work with because they had very specific needs.

They said they needed good-tempered but energetic horses, as they would be doing some intense shooting. The question really was about our ability to control even the smallest actions of the horses.” Jeff said. “The backdrop for the shoot needed to feature meadows, trees and be accessible for all the people and equipment. I invited them to come and see our location for themselves. They were so taken, not only with the horses but the whole property, and they decided to do the photo shoot at the farm as well.”

An eleven person crew, including world-renowned photographer Christian Anwander, arrived at the end of May and shot with Jeff for three days.

The Italian Glamour shoot lasted two days,” said Jeff, “with each member of the team bringing their own expertise to the set. The beautiful seventeen year old New Zealand model trusted us around the horses and seemed to be very comfortable. Delivering 'the horse factor' in a unique way to this predominantly Austrian group was my challenge.”

A large herd of horses running behind the model created a lot of energy and captivated everyone, as did a month old foal lying in the model’s lap. The most complicated undertaking was to complete a standing pose on a bareback horse with the model’s arms stretched out - and a large white sail in the air for lighting – and, oh … ask the horse not to flinch!Jeff said with a laugh. Sitting atop one of our Morgan studs bridleless completed the truly amazing results to this shoot.”

Christian loved what I could do with the horses so much that he asked if he could stay a third day to specifically shoot our horses,” said Jeff. “Our friendship evolved into a wonderful opportunity for us to get some quality shots.”

Jeff Wilson, who served as the coordinator and director of the horses working with the model, said he was delighted to work with such a skillful and professional crew, including Art Director Tina Preschitz, and Fashion Editor Sabine Schreder. “You know, you are working right next to each other for three days, it's no wonder that by the end, you part ways as friends. They all have an open invitation to come back and visit anytime. ”

Some of the photos from Italian Glamour are on his website, www.blackwillowmorgans.com

Italian Glamour's October issue featured the pictures taken at Black Willow Morgans Training and Breeding Facility.